• The registration will be open from October 30, 2019 to April 22, 2020.
  • You can submit a brief video of less than 5 minutes on a scientific-technological subject in Basque, Spanish or English.
  • You can read the rules here.
  • Take a look at videos from previous editions.

The winners will be announced on the TEKNOPOLIS programme on June 14, and also on this website on June 16.

Latest videos

Agujeros negros

por qué NO nos podemos hacer COSQUILLAS a NOSOTROS MISMOS

Biomateriales, una solución para el futuro

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Best video

3.000 €

Best video in Basque

2.000 €

Young prize (under 18)

1.000 €

People’s choice prize

500 €

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You can also send your video to Cienciaclip, come on!