Within the framework of Teknopolis, the TV programme devoted to popularising science and technology, Elhuyar and the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) run the 12th edition of ON ZIENTZIA video competition.

The aim of the contest is to promote the production and dissemination of short and original videos that promote positive values and progress of science and technology, and that serve as a reference for any type of audience.

The aim of the competition is to promote the production and dissemination of short, original videos that foment positive and progress values of science and technology, and that can be used by any kind of public for consultation purposes. The subject is totally free and can deal with one’s own or other people’s research, red-hot issues in society or the scientific community, personal scientific and technical passions, basic science concepts, scientific milestones, historical figures, science of the future or the past, etc.

Conditions for participation

The competition is open to all members of the public, of all ages and nationalities. Participation can be local or from abroad, including the worldwide research community. Participation can be on an individual or group basis.

All the participants are required to fill in the registration form that will be available on the website. All the fields are required ones and the organisation reserves the right to disqualify any participant or group that fails to fill the form in properly.

The registration will be open between 27 October 2021 and 27 April 2022. Any videos received after the deadline will be automatically rejected.

Submitting of videos

The participants are required to submit a brief video of less than 5 minutes on a scientific-technological subject in Basque, Spanish or English.

The video entered must be original, it may not be commercial, nor may it have been broadcast on television, and must of course be for a general audience. For this purpose the research team or individual participant may make use of artistic elements, music, images or anything else that they consider to be appropriate.

It is advisable –but not compulsory– for the videos to be produced in the 16:9 format, since this is the format of Teknopolis, and the outstanding videos and the ones that receive the awards may be shown on the programme.

It is recommended that the videos take into account the gender perspective, both in the use of language and images as well as in the content.

All the videos will be posted on the website.


The jury will award three prizes:

  • The prize of 3,000 euros for the best video
  • The prize of 2,000 euros for the best video in Basque
  • Young prize (under 18): 1,000 euros for the best video

In addition to the prizes of the jury, the most voted video on the website will receive the People’s Choice Prize: a trophy, dinner for two and accommodation in a hotel in San Sebastian, coinciding with the award giving ceremony. Among those registered on the website to vote for the People’s Choice Prize, another prize will be drawn: dinner for two and accommodation in a hotel in San Sebastian.

The prize for best video in Basque is awarded to the best video submitted in Basque, in the event that this video has not gotten the prize for the best video.

The Young prize is awarded to the best video submitted by young people under 18, in the event that this video has not gotten any of the other two prizes. This prize aims to promote the participation of students under 18.

The organising committee reserves the right to award special prizes for videos which, according to its criteria, deserve some distinction or special mention for their characteristics.

The award giving ceremony will take place in June 2022 and will be shown on a special Teknopolis programme. During the award-giving ceremony the winning videos will be publicly screened and the jury’s decision will be declared.


The organising committee will undertake to appoint the members of the jury. The jury will be made up of five members.

The jury will establish the criteria for awarding points and appraising the videos entered for the competition. In any case, the jury’s appraisal will focus on the capacity to communicate and interest of the video, and less on its technical excellence. In other words, the appraisal will focus on the content rather than on the packaging. In any case, the jury’s decision will be final.

The jury may decide not to award one or more of the prizes.


For any doubts or clarification, please get in touch with the organisation at:

Manex Urruzola
Tel. 943363040

Legal Terms

The DIPC and Elhuyar shall not be liable for any possible incidents caused by possible computer viruses or other mishaps that might arise when the material is sent.

Acceptance of these Rules is a necessary condition for participating in the competition and, consequently, for being eligible for receiving the prizes. Failure by any participant to abide by the conditions established in these Rules will result in their automatic disqualification from this competition.

The videos may under no circumstances be mere translations or works originating from other videos originally developed in another language by other authors who are not the participants in this competition. Nevertheless, the collaboration of third parties is allowed in order to assist in the translation of the content of the video into any of the
languages admitted in this competition.

If music is used for the video, the rights of use over the said music for it to be included in the video must be held entirely, legitimately and exclusively by the participant in the competition. The participant guarantees and is responsible for ensuring that this condition is met, and exonerates the DIPC and Elhuyar of any liability that could arise out of failure to comply with this.


When entering a video for the competition, the participants guarantee that they will not be contributing materials that entail any infringement of the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties. Consequently, the participants will uphold the absolute immunity of the DIPC and Elhuyar. These two organisations will not be responsible for any failure to comply with any rule, or for any infringement of the rights of third parties committed by the participants within the bounds of the competition, and the participants undertake to uphold the immunity of the DIPC and Elhuyar in this case.

The participants in the competition assign to the DIPC and Elhuyar the rights to use the videos submitted, including the rights over use, dissemination, distribution, exhibition, public communication, popularisation and reproduction via the Internet or any other audiovisual medium, festival or exhibition of the videos entered, as well as the right to transform them, insofar as it is necessary, to make shorter montages of the videos or publish them in conjunction with other videos. This assignment is made free of charge and non-exclusively worldwide.

In the same way, the organisers reserve the right to use, for promotional and/or dissemination purposes, selected videos that have been entered. Should the videos be used for purposes not relating to this section, the corresponding authorisation will be obtained from the author.

Works which infringe the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties will not be accepted. In the same way, the videos must not violate the property, integrity or good image of individuals or legal persons.

As a result of the assigning of the rights to exploit the videos submitted, the DIPC and Elhuyar are empowered, but not compelled, to carry out the dissemination or publication of the videos via the Internet or any other audiovisual medium, festival or exhibition.

Once the competition is over, the videos regarded as suitable by the organisation will continue to be made available and on the web sites of the DIPC and Elhuyar devoted to science popularisation until such time as the organisers deem appropriate.

Final Clauses

Participation in the competition entails the acceptance of these rules.

The DIPC and Elhuyar will decide on any unforeseen cases that may arise and which are not provided for in these rules.

The organisers cannot be held responsible for any videos that cannot be viewed for technical reasons.

The members of the jury may not participate in this competition. In the same way, people who have been involved in organising it, like employees of the DIPC or Elhuyar, are barred from participating.

The DIPC and Elhuyar do not accept any responsibility for the loss or delay of any participation, owing to any interruption, temporary lack of availability or continuity of functioning, transmission problems, loss of information, fraud, damage in the network, breakdown in the functioning of the software, faults during access, communication or response or alteration of the competition due to technical or other problems that are beyond their control or which can be ascribed to network operators, providers of intermediary services or third parties.
The DIPC and Elhuyar will be able to carry out the necessary checking of the identity of the participants through their official documents (National Identity Card, Passport, Driving Licence, etc.).


Protection of data of a personal nature


In compliance with the stipulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council), we hereby inform you that the personal data provided will be processed by ELHUYAR FUNDAZIOA.


The personal data that you provided in register are needed to be able to provide you with the requested service with every guarantee and will be processed for the following purposes: to send information about events, products and projects of the Grupo Elhuyar and DIPC and to contact the individuals concerned in order to solve any issues relating to the service requested or for the purpose of improving it.


The personal data provided will be stored while they are expected to be needed for getting in touch with the person concerned and while this person wishes to continue with his/her account on this website.


The legal grounds for processing your data are the consent of the individual concerned when he/she provides his/her contact details.


To fulfil the intended aims, your data may be passed on to the companies within the Grupo Elhuyar (Eleka Ingeniaritza Linguistikoa, S.L. and Elhuyar Zubize S.L.) and DIPC.

The data may only be communicated outside the European Economic Area in the following cases: to specific countries, territories or sectors on which the Commission has adopted a decision recognising that they offer a sufficient level of protection; when sufficient guarantees have been offered on the protection that the data will receive at their destination and whenever any of the exceptions that allow the data to be transferred without guarantees of suitable protection for reasons of necessity linked to the interests of the owner of the data him-/herself or to general interests is applied.


Anyone is entitled to request access, rectification, deletion, processing restriction, challenge or right to portability of their personal data by writing to us at our address indicated above or by sending an email to, indicating the right they wish to exercise and attaching a copy of their national identification document or any other valid document for the purposes of identifying themselves.

They will likewise be entitled, at any moment, to withdraw the consent given. The withdrawal of consent will not affect the legality of the processing made prior to the withdrawal of the said consent.

They are entitled to file a complaint with the control body if they consider that their rights may have been infringed with respect to personal data protection.